Westies – Your 2018 World Cup Headquarters!

Make Westies your 2018 FIFA World Cup Headquarters! This is the 21st championship and it will be played out in 12 stadiums, across 11 cities, spread over 1,800 miles and you can catch all the action right here in Columbus, Ohio!

Join us at our Clintonville & ShortNorth locations where we will be streaming the 2018 World Cup games over the coming weeks! During every game, you can enjoy “$2 Holler” beers where we will have a cooler full of some of your favorite drafts. Ask for a Holler and we’ll randomly grab a bottle or can and throw it your way for only $2!



*We will be opening early at our Clintonville and Short North locations for all of the games listed below. Our Brewery District location will be streaming all games that air during regular hours of operation.


Here are the games that we will be streaming at our Clintonville and Short North locations:

Thursday – 6/14
11am – Russia vs Saudi Arabia

Friday – 6/15
11am – Morocco vs Iran
2pm – Portugal vs Spain

Saturday – 6/16
9am – Argentina vs Iceland
12pm – Peru vs Denmark
3pm – Croatia vs Nigeria

Sunday – 6/17
11am – Germany vs Mexico
2pm – Brazil vs Switzerland

Monday – 6/18
11am – Belgium vs Panama
2pm – Tunisia vs England

Tuesday – 6/19
11am – Poland vs Senegal
2pm – Russia vs Egypt

Wednesday 6/20
11am – Uruguay vs Saudi Arabia
2pm – Iran vs Spain

Thursday – 6/21
11am – France vs Peru
2pm – Argentina vs Croatia

Friday – 6/22
8am – Brazil vs Costa Rica
11am – Nigeria vs Iceland
2pm – Serbia vs Switzerland

Saturday – 6/23
11am – South Korea vs Mexico
2pm – Germany vs Sweden

Sunday – 6/24
8am – England vs Panama
11am – Japan vs Senegal
2pm – Poland vs Colombia

Monday – 6/25
10am – Saudi Arabia vs Egypt
10am – Uruguay vs Russia
2pm – Iran vs Portugal
2pm – Spain vs Morocco

Tuesday – 6/26
10am – Australia vs Peru
10am – Denmark vs France
2pm – Nigeria vs Argentina
2pm – Iceland vs Croatia

Wednesday – 6/27
10am – Mexico vs Sweden
10am – South Korea vs Germany
2pm – Switzerland vs Costa Rica
2pm – Serbia vs Brazil

Thursday – 6/28
10am – Senegal vs Colombia
10am – Japan vs Poland
2pm – England vs Belgium
2pm – Panama vs Tunisia

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